Sheltering in Place

Attitude is Everything! This statement is true across all areas of our human condition.

However, I want to direct this thought to one particular group of people today. Women. ‘When mama ain’t happy, aint nobody happy…’ “Happy wife, happy life” Both sayings are probably known by most readers. Yet, the seriousness of these sayings can be easily dismissed. Don’t do that.

Understand in fact, that the women truly SET THE TONE in the home. When children come into the room to a smiling, attentive mom, their joy is boundless. When a husband receives a warm embrace and a flirty girlfriend welcome, he will do anything in his power to make that girlfriend happy and secure. When company arrives to a relaxed hostess who is unconcerned about house protocol, they will feel true hospitality and trust. When a friend confides to a sincere listening ear, she will find confidence and hope to conquer any difficulty.
When the woman in the home fulfills the above attitude behaviors, outside counseling or other damage control measures will NOT be needed. Women truly have more power for good than most realize simply by maintaining an attitude of grace and happiness.

When ill-temper threatens and fears or anger push away the sweetness of her spirit, the wise woman will steal away to her closet of prayer and tell her Best Friend all about it. She will emerge with a renewed attitude and be back in the saddle to face another onslaught of life.
Once this technique becomes a habit, there is no limit to the joy that home will share.

But ultimately this attitude adjustment is the responsibility of the woman, the keeper of the home. She cannot blame strife on loud children, or insensitive husbands, or impolite guests. There is no scapegoat; especially during this sheltering time, this END time, this challenging time. Women everywhere must reach deep inside their well of strength and pull up a big bucket of kindness, patience, sweetness, prayerfulness and mercy to water the garden of their own souls, and the souls within their influence.

Ask Jesus to really search your heart and to show you any where your attitude gets snagged. Then be quiet and wait for the searchlight of his love to quicken your understanding so you can share with him each and every obstacle impeding your progress toward the high and lofty goal of maintaining a sweet attitude. He will answer that kind of prayer, I promise. And then, when we do our part and stay consistent, in a short time those emergency dashes to the closet will be less frequent, and our homes will shine with peace and the love of God. But it is all up to the women. They set the tone. Their attitude determines the outcome, and their prayer life upholds the family. You Got This!

PS. If you are a woman living alone, this ‘attitude is everything’ exhortation is still important! You gotta live with YOU so it might as well be a happy experience. Your sweet spirit will go with you to the grocery store, and come back home with you to your shelter. This is good stuff no matter our age or living situation. Be blessed!

It is Past Time

Hello faithful followers and new friends. I don’t post here often enough, and there is no reason or excuse. All we have is NOW, we certainly are not promised tomorrow…we have NOW and the responsibility to harness it for the love of humanity.

There is reference in the Bible to the ‘cup of iniquity.’  God has a cup, and it is filling fast. Since the moral compass of our society has disintegrated over the last several decades, that cup of evil has crept closer and closer to the brim. As it begins to spill over, restaurants close. Gatherings are forbidden. Business grinds to a halt, and the economy crashes…all within a two week period. And this is just the beginning of sorrows! So much more and so much more horrible things are determined…

This present trouble will pass. The markets will rebound (Lord willing) but let us pray the lessons we are learning in these great and final days remain in the forefront of our everyday life:  Love of family and friends; health for ourselves and those for whom we are responsible; a spirit of selfless giving and random acts of kindness, and a continued focus on the things that matter, the things that remain.

Your money wont go to heaven with you. Your cars, homes and vacations wont go to heaven with you. Only YOU and your children and your loved ones will go IF YOU and THEY CHOOSE TO. We all have free choice you know. God is a gentleman…he will not go where he is not wanted. If you truly want to be with Him forever, it is time to get on your knees and repent for all the wasted time…all the sinful behavior…all the greed and cheating…and all the faithless moments when you figured you could do all this on your own and had no need for a savior.

Friends, true and powerful revival is EXACTLY proportionate to the depth of our repentance. We have all failed and come short of his Glory. Each of us knows in our heart where we have let ourselves and our creator down…it is time to get REAL. Cut the games, stop the running and turn it over to Jesus.

And you will smile, for the rest of the day.

Because it’s Important

Greetings all;

This is an announcement about a new Podcast !! Look at us all hi-techy! WooHoo!

The trailer is out, the name is “Because it’s Important,” and the first episode will be ready in two weeks.

Here is the link…and it will be available on several platforms including google and spotify.


Two Profound and Unrelated Events

This week two events caused profound pause. I share them with you here.
Always eager to preserve some polite behavior for the younger generation, I simply smiled through the window at the valet parking attendant and gestured to him to open the car door for me.
He fumbled for the handle and as I climbed down, he apologized: “Sorry, I am not used to people looking at me. Most of them are on their phones…”
His tone carried a sad resignation to a common loneliness. People don’t look at each other anymore; and we surely do not interact with spontaneity. We hide behind a device.
Device: interesting word. Seems like that word is close to ‘divide’ and ‘vice’ as in ‘evil tendency;’ and even similar to ‘devil.’ Cause to pause, for sure.
I felt so sorry for the young man and that pity extended to each person huddled over their ‘devices’ in the coffee shop close by. As I waited for my friend and sipped my tea, what do you think happened? I pulled out my phone, of course, and joined the isolated humans holding down the chairs, one at each table, alone.
Next time, I will bring the Good Book and focus on the One who doesn’t even own a phone, and will always be my friend.

Later in the week, I happened to be in the home of a dear family close to me. Dinner was simply a main dish placed on the stove with an open invitation to partake as schedules permitted. One by one family members helped themselves as they scurried off to various appointments. One put the dinner in a thermos, another a paper bowl for the road.
One teenage son scooped the fare into a favorite bowl and sat to enjoy. After the first bite, he sighed: “I love my mom!” How profound those simple four words, really when you think about it.
Little boys come into the world loving their mommies and wanting only to please them. They grow into men and marry women and then live only to please them! We women are so foolish in many ways when we put undue pressure and demands on our “little boys” instead of simply cooking for them. Men are so easy to please. Give them respect and good food, lots of love and quietness, and they will swim through shark infested waters just to bring us a lemonade. That is not an original word picture, I quote it from Dr. Laura; it is, nevertheless, an apt description of how wonderful our lives can be when we keep it simple and peaceful and always have food ready when they are hungry.
Think about it.