Destination Series

A collection of booklets for encouragement and strength

These short, easy to read booklets will be an inspirational addition to your library. Destination – Restoration, is especially designed to encourage those who have fallen away from their walk with God. Available NOW!

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More Drama

Let your inner Shakespeare shine!

A collection of full length dramas and short skits for church production teams. Designed for easy copying, this collection is bound to bring joy and revelation to actors and audiences alike.

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The Keeper

Truly a must-have for every lady of God!

Are you desperate to “keep” your home, family and relationships? Are you a woman of God who knows there’s more for you to do in these last days? If so, you’ve picked the book that will forever change you. This tool will equip you with fresh ideas and practical principles to be the “keeper” you’ve been called to be.

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I Always Feel So Righteous When I Eat A Spinach Salad

Practical advice for those that appreciate the miracle of the human body

I Always Feel So Righteous When I Eat A Spinach Salad is a book created as a gift to all those willing to take care of their health. Inside its cover you will find many home remedies and living techniques that have stood the test of time and trial. Some will seem outlandish, some will seem just right for you. Either way, the author wishes you strong health and joy in all you do.

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