My children who are called by my name…that means those who have had the blood applied to their lives in baptism under the only name given among men whereby they might be saved…JESUS…those people I am calling to PRAY seek my face, turn from their wicked ways and repent SO THAT I will hear from my throne and HEAL this great land. I formed this land for a strength and a support for Israel. Your prayer needs to be that your land will remain in that called and sanctified position. All effort by the dark ones is focused on you. recognize that fact and FIGHT like the warriors I have called you to be. Your fight is with weapons like LOVE and FAITH and FASTING and PRAYER. The loser LOWER force energies like GUILT and FEAR and ANGER and SORROW and DOUBT are the weapons used by the enemy. WAKE up and recognize these arrows as they are hurled at your heart and mind. SHAKE them off and move on into the realm of my Spirit in song, in worship, in faith and in TRUST. Be strong and of GOOD courage…THE TIME IS SHORT.

Marthalee is a writer, teacher, Grandma and friend. Any wisdom or insight shared on this blog or in her books is credited to Jesus and the life experience He allows. Do enjoy these humble offerings, and may your time on Earth be blessed and enriched. God is Love. Share it and Him at every open door.

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