Look what came this week.
My prophets cry for truth and proclaim the acceptable Day of the Lord, yet those even in leadership, refuse to acknowledge the wisdom pouring forth. They are shut up and closed off to the power I lend. It is my heart that my people would be WARRIORS in these last hours. Yet, instead, they shun the prophetic voices and admonishing wisdom of the hoary head as profane, silly and unsubstantiated. But the cup reads, “I am not a conspiracy freak, I AM Just WELL INFORMED.”
Oh that my people were well informed about the enemy in their midst. In my word did I not say to know your adversary? That we are not ignorant concerning his devices…BUT THEY ARE IGNORANT! For HIS DEVICES are those they hold all day in their hand. Riveted to images and distant correspondence robbing them from the laughter of the little ones clamoring for attention at their knee. Oh MY LITTLE ONES bend over with the ache of rejection so often and decide they are worth nothing. How my heart breaks for them. Suffer the little children…that word suffer means to ALLOW… allow the little ones to come unto ME… they do that through YOU and YOUR teaching and guidance.
WAKE UP… PUT THAT DEVICE AWAY and be an anchor for the souls of the children. NOW.

Then today…( the first part is a quote from earlier in my life…then …)
Love is GIVING another person what they need the most when they deserve it the least at great personal cost.

When my presence becomes your habit and listening your desire, knowledge and wisdom are the gifts I bring. Trust in me and my love for my creation is the solid rock of your FAITH and SALVATION. PAIN AND DOUBT clamor for attention. Deny them access to your mind by filling the mind with thoughts of me. Hover above your senses listening for the clarion call of the still small voice in your spirit. rise and observe it all from a position in my glory. I will welcome the company, even lift you to my knee for a time of tenderness and comfort. Let me hold you close to my heart and hear it BEAT for you because I love you.

I want to share this…please pass along to others as you feel led.

Marthalee is a writer, teacher, Grandma and friend. Any wisdom or insight shared on this blog or in her books is credited to Jesus and the life experience He allows. Do enjoy these humble offerings, and may your time on Earth be blessed and enriched. God is Love. Share it and Him at every open door.

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